Callan and the Joy of the Earth


Callan is sixteen years old and ready to party. Her Uncle Sgurr, who’s been guarding her since the plague, has effed off on a quest to rescue the great groundwhale Strop, which means she’ll have the house to herself for a glorious Summer of Callan. She’s even taken up with an obscenely hot, if somewhat dimwitted, musician, who would look pretty good lying by the creek in the back yard. Only problem is he doesn’t seem into her. And he gave away all their money to the girl he is in love with. And she’s been kidnapped by her ex-colonel father who wants to drag her into the Uplands to marry some goat cheese magnate. And also, has anyone noticed the weather’s gone crazy since Strop disappeared? Oh Makers, Callan’s going to have to travel Uplands and fix all these idiots’ problems so she can get back to her life, isn’t she?

Callan and the Joy of the Earth is a comedic fantasy adventure novel about a teenager learning to take responsibility when the grown-ups won’t and to face the grief at the heart of the world.